Growing Black Wealth is a new movement that has a presence in over a dozen cities nationally. Our resource center will be the gateway to aid local communities to rebuild faith, hope, and unity.  We are aligning the needs of the community with new infrastructure that can impact lifestyles and show growth as it relates to the black economics. Our strategic approach allows us to be hands-on with the black community. Implementing new strategic initiatives that focus on uplifting low-income families and showcasing new marketing components to increase revenue and visibility for black owned businesses. GBW will create business opportunities and forge relationships with entrepreneurs and visionaries to create new business models to service the black community.


"Our mission is focused on empowering black families, businesses, individuals, in collectively unifying our resources, finances and vision to build perpetuating wealth"

Join the Movement:

We are seeking visionaries that can represent their city. We are honored to share new innovative platforms that can empower, uplift and transition our black communities. Please consider joining Our Movement "If Not Us Then Who?"